Colors and Accomplishments

This past weekend, the students and I attended a few continuing education lectures during the Americasmart Home & Gift Show here in Atlanta.
One of the presenters, Dewey Sadka presented a most fascinating way to learn about your inner strengths and challenges through the Dewey Color System. Who knew Atlanta had such a hidden gem among us?

The presentation was revealing and informative, and oddly accurate. Apparently using this system, you can use your personal color preferencess to reveal interesting tendencies about yourself, and learn to how to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. The applications of this information seem endless, job possibilities, personal relationships, there is even a design color palette portion which suggests that using specific paint colors can bring about life changes. I’m not ready to say for sure that this one works, but it is definitely worth more investigation.
-Dr. C

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12 Responses to Colors and Accomplishments

  1. Frankie says:

    I liked the theory behind the presentation. I, too, am not sure if his theory of color is actually applicable, but some of the results were too close to ignore.

    Brody Shores Reply:


    Chris Reply:

    First choice yellow was so true for me!

  2. Brody Shores says:

    At first I thought Dewey may be a little farfetched with his idea, but after he described his theory and went through each color, I became a believer. The two colors that I dislike the most are the ones that told the most about me! It’s somewhat funny that sometimes the things you know most about yourself is what you are not.

    Tariq Reply:

    I agree with you Brody because after the presentation i started to analyze the order of the colors and the meaning of that order, and it opened my eyes on somethings that i’ve never thought about.

  3. Bonnie Casamassima says:

    I was also a bit skeptical of the theory at first, but quickly became a believer as he went into the description of each color. I found this presentation fascinating when applied to group projects. I know I enjoy working with a number of people, but Frankie and I have always worked particularly well with each other. At first we thought this was just because we were awesome people. Alas, after this presentation we realized it was also because our strengths and weaknesses aligned well in group project settings. I am definitely a first choice purple, but Frankie and her color choices help keep me grounded!

    AliWest Reply:

    Frankie and Bonnie – I’m glad I get to work with you two on the upcoming Topic Presentation and Roundtable project! I am a 1st choice yellow and 6th choice red – I can definitely use some RED influence in my group. But, I’m a good listener if you need to get some things off your chest!

    Thanks to the Dewey Color System, I can be a little more in tune with my strengths and weaknesses. It was scary how dead-on this color test was.

    Chris Reply:

    I agree Bonnie! I think the most applicable of his connections in the presentation was what colors work best together and which ones work the least well!! I wonder if HR departments employee these tests at job interviews? If not it would be interesting to see the results if they did.

  4. Tariq says:

    I was really amazed by this theory, and the presentation was a lot of fun, especially when I, Leslie and Ali started to take peeks on each other’s cards. On the other hand, being a first choice blue and last choice orange, according to the Dewey Color System, I believe that I need to stop getting wrapped in my own ideas and to stop trying to please everyone, which I think is incredibly true!

  5. Chris says:

    I though the color exercises were definitely spot on! I thought it eerie that color preference could be so telling about personality traits, and it led me to wonder if maybe some of it was subjective and the power of persuasion. Regardless though I think that by whatever means one comes to a better understanding of their personality and tendencies the better you can be at school, work, socially, and life in general. Very cool experience!

  6. LeslieHo says:

    I felt that the experience was somewhat accurate. In terms of my first three-colors preference ( 1st blue, 2nd green, 3rd yellow), there is no doubt that I understand my vision, good at listening and creating a common ground. Therefore, it turned out to be very accurate. However, the last three-color representation did not quite reflect my method of work. For example, brainstorming and creating action plan plays a big part in the way I work and design. Overall, this experience was very interesting, in terms of the theories and representations behind the six colors.

  7. Momma Mags says:

    I haven’t had a chance to look at the website but I am definitely intrigued by the theory that is put forth so I will take a look at it very soon. Can’t wait to find out what my true colors are!