Over Crowding in Prison

After observing negative human response in overcrowding spaces, I wanted to learn more about over crowded situation in prison and how it can be controlled. While searching I found an article and a video which talks about overcrowded prisons and the negative aspects of it.

Overcrowded prisons had led to formation of gangs and territoriality. The new prisoner goes through hard time adjusting in such environment.
It’s essential to provide basic needs like health, sanitation, security, education, training. There are many prisoners that lacks legal knowledge, and their family are not very supportive, it takes them even longer to write an appeal and have to stay for longer period of time, this again leads to overcrowding .

This article and video talks about how difficult it gets to get these kinds of situation solved from that point of time and how this can be avoided by reviewing the each case and proving them with legal advising, counselling. While searching, I found out this is a common problem almost in every prison, in every part of the world. Lack of education, and unawareness of legal rights makes the situation even worse, which needs to be improved from the beginning.



(Images): http://boliviadiary.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/prison-detainees-in-bolivia-bad-fruit-of-a-slow-judiciary-system-ain/

Prisoner Fellowship – Benin ( Video) :http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Fqg-pa-enpU#!

Overcording Mexican Prison ( Video) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBORSzl3NxI








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2 Responses to Over Crowding in Prison

  1. MonicaP says:

    When I see photos like this, it pains me to think of the lost potential of individuals and what they could contribute to society. The disenfranchisement of racial groups specifically Hispanic and African-American men is a travesty. As a society, we pay for their disenfranchisement in a plethora of ways.

  2. VirginiaP says:

    I agree with Monica. It is hard to see how the design and operations of prisons today can ruin any potential rehabilitation people may have had if they had been exposed to a more healthy environment. For those people who do not see this as a problem because they do not believe criminals are capable of rehabilitating, showing them how subjecting inmates to squalor and an unsatisfactory quality of life only costs our society more money and time in the long-run, may help drive the mission to end overcrowding in prisons.