ATNMBL: 2040 Car/Living Design

In looking at technology and innovative designs this week, I ran across an interesting, futuristic design of the automobile.  Your first question is more than likely: How does a vehicle relate to interior design?  Well, the designers of this car envision it becoming a moving habitat that you live and work in.  Developed by Mike and Maaike, the vehicle is called ATNMBL (Autonomous Autombile).

Instead of focusing on speed, this design aims to increase user exploration, save time, and improve the quality of life.  Because the vehicle doesn’t require a driver, users would be able to enjoy normal home/office-based activities while be transported such as web surfing, videocalls, and sleeping.  From the interior views, we can see how the space looks similar to a living room, with ample seating, a small coffee table, a centralized media center with a mini-bar underneath, and floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides.  It almost looks like a miniature version of an upscale RV.


Here’s a list of more ATNMBL features from the article:

• fully electric powered plus solar assist
• driverless navigation via GPS, Lidar, radar, accelerometers
• wrap-around seating for 7
• voice recognition and remote for real-time control/ input
• large display for info, searches, browsing, communication
• open-source software with downloadable apps for carpool and car-share through social networking, pre-loaded trips, city tours, virtual drivers, etc.
• live trip info on mini display
• electric door, standing height entryway
• all-wheel drive with motors in each wheel
• very few mechanical parts (drive by wire)
• bar

One aspect that was not mentioned was cost.  We may be able to assume that centralized media centers and voice recognition set up will be less complicated to install in mobile environments (thus, decreasing cost) but we really don’t know.  Another thing I wasn’t quite sold on when looking at this design was the lack of privacy with the large windows- many not be ideal for sleeping or other private activities.  Do you think this type of design actually has a chance of being produced for the future (2040)?  And if so, will it replace stationary homes for people who are always “on the go”?

You can view more pictures and info here:

*All images from article link.
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4 Responses to ATNMBL: 2040 Car/Living Design

  1. XinW says:

    I don’t necessarily think it will replace stationary homes, but, depending upon the cost, it might become a secondary home, like vacation homes for the rich.

    However, I personally am very charmed by the images. For example, if I don’t need to drive it, I can totally imagine working on studio projects during the 30-40 minute commute from my home to SCAD. Perhaps we’ll have less road rage if virtual drivers replace human ones, and human drivers become passengers able to work on other things.

  2. KatelynR says:

    I am not sure I am ready for virtual drivers…What is this world coming to?! The design of this is quite intriguing. I could see this in the future, however, the virtual driver thing is still a little out there. As nice as it would be to have extra time to work, I find my driving time to be a break from all of the work. People use to not work on Sunday and even holidays. Now they are all just another day on the calendar. I think people are becoming too work-driven. Not to say that this car/living pod thing is trying to cause that, but it is something that we should be concerned about.

  3. YoungjooP says:

    In order to use this car, I think that many conditions should be changed. For instance, our road condition is not pretty flat, so the car probably bounces during driving. Even though this car is produced in the future, it won’t be easy to succeed if our environment, the urban cities, is not suitable to drive this cutting edge car.

  4. JessicaB says:

    Good point Younjoo, it does seem like a lot of our roadways and infrastructure would have to be reconstructed to make this happen, which isn’t the most sustainable solution.

    On one hand, I’m with Xin in picturing getting studio work done while on the commute to school. On the other hand Katelyn, you make a GREAT point about the absence of leisure time now. Everyone is so interested in multi-tasking that we are soon going to be working while in the shower and while we sleep! This would definitely be a great way to provide relaxation and increase safety on the road by having an automated driver, but I don’t think it would “sell” a lot of people in our fast-paced generations.