The future in the classroom?

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The “iPad Table” is comprised of 15 iPads that are wirelessly connected to one another. The thing that I love the most about them is that the iPads are completely configurable. someone could pick up one of the iPads and move it to the end and it would still react. Also, each iPad can operate on its own as well. Can you imagine sitting at a conference table that was configured in this way? How much better would work be?!

I ran into this when researching for my studio project this quarter and thought to myself ‘This would be so cool in a classroom!’. I could just imagine children collaborating around this table and sharing information through technology. Then they could take individual iPads and sit around the room and learn individually. The teacher could be part of the collaboration and ‘toss’ information straight to the students during lessons.

I think that the developers should create a table base with a grid that would hold the iPads in a better way. However, the technology is very interesting and could have so many uses in a range of fields. What do you think? Do you think that this will be the future of conference tables and classroom collaboration? Or is this something cool that you would have in your living room?




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5 Responses to The future in the classroom?

  1. XinW says:

    I do agree that they’ll have to come up with a better infrastructure upon which to set the tablets. However, I do like the idea of individual tablets used by different people being able to connect into a larger screen.

    This really reminds me of the old pen and paper method where everyone can group around a large piece of paper or chalkboard and contribute to one large board. As technology become more advanced, it seems that they start to take their user interface cues from more traditional media, becoming at once simpler but also more elegant.

  2. ShannonG says:

    This is such an amazing product I believe I saw it in a museum not too long ago. I certainly think that this will be the future of classroom collaboration. Its flexibility allows for a single room to be used for several purposes, perfect for educational functions.

  3. ShivaniB says:

    I agree this would be a future conference table and classroom collaboration. This would grow in no time, as most of the field of work is all about collaboration and team work. This is a a great technology where one doesn’t need to worry about saving the file and then transferring into another computer, it looks so easy here. And I am sure it has more features which just saves time and lead to more fun collaborative work.

  4. KatelynR says:

    Thank you for the feedback! I think I may use this in my studio project this quarter. I think that the technology is so great. I agree with you, Xin…It reminds me of the big sheets of paper as well. I think that is why I was so drawn to it and why it will go far. Technology has come a long way. But, I think that it is important to think back to how things use to be done and integrate those things into a new form of working. I wish that we had this at SCAD!

  5. JessicaB says:

    I think this is a really neat idea and product! Xin made an interesting point about technology advancing and becoming simpler over time. I think we should keep in mind that we’re looking at an Apple product, a company whose overwhelming success is built off of the drive to be clean, simple, and elegant. We can only hope that other major tech companies will begin to follow this motto more in developing newer technological products that are indeed “user-friendly” and not too overly complicated.