Wireless Spaces

We all know technologies are progressing. Gadgets, even if they are getting smaller in size,  still need to be charged and need some kind of plug ins and socket. Not everything is available as cordless. In most houses  the main concern is to get rid of wires as it gets challenging  to figure out what wire is for what device.

After the presentation in our last class, at the end John mentioned how the flow of electricity in interior spaces will change from wires to wireless. All the devices would not need wires to function. I wanted to learn how it works, and when this will become a reality, and become more accessible. Devices like cell phones, laptops should be the first ones to shed their power cords.

I was reading about a company named WiTricity. They predicted how they will be able to power light bulbs using wireless electricity that has a range far beyond the power socket.  Engineers have come across several  ways to convert electricity which will be safe to send through air without  cord. I saw a nice example of this in Teknion. They are using power mats to charge their cell phones, which I thought was interesting . There was no use of carrying a charger cord every day. This is just an example how electricity travels within few centimeters. It would be easier to build spaces without connecting electrical cords through walls and floors or creating false ceiling to have  room for all the cords. It would be more sustainable method as it will decrease the use of materials.







See how it works here:http://www.maximumpc.com/article/columns/future_proof_how_wireless_energy_transfer_will_kill_power_cable

To read the full article click on this link: http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/09/02/wireless.electricity/


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4 Responses to Wireless Spaces

  1. WeijunL says:

    The technology is not only provide a value for a convenient life, but also is able to contribute a new art for life. John also gave us a good show of technology art work. Technology can improve our life quality in many ways.

  2. KatelynR says:

    The thought of wireless electricity blows my mind. It is such a great idea that is so over my head! This could open up so many doors for us as designers. We no longer have to worry about outlet placement or how cords will be hidden in a conference room. I can’t wait to see where this goes in the future.

  3. JessicaB says:

    This idea struck me as well, because smaller items like your phone or laptop may not seem so far-fetched. However, when we start looking at bigger items like televisions, printers, and even vehicles (sense these are slowly switching to electric energy), the idea gets a little more complicated. I think the technology for providing power to these things may be the same, but looking at how much power some of those items consume is going to be the challenge.
    I also picture this as being a “power hub” in your home, like your router/modem for wifi. And I wonder will people begin to “lock/secure” all of there power supplies to eliminate sharing the power connection with others outside of the designated area- just a funny idea to me.

  4. BritneyB says:

    I think this is a great idea. I think it would limit the amount of cords being around the home and it would cut down the cost of electricity. I have seen something like this being advertised on the internet. I would love to invest in one because I think that you are not always able to have access to a plug so this would be a great solution to one. Over the summer break one of my friends had this cellphone charger case that didn’t need a plug and so you just put your cellphone in the charger case and it charges just like that without the use of a plug. I was so amazed at how far technology has come.