The hospitality guestroom environment of the future

One reason why I was interested in John Gaul’s thesis is that I’ve not had an opportunity to design a hotel, so I wanted to see how his project is developed and to learn more about hotel design. Another reason is that I participated in designing the future house seven years ago. The house was employed the ubiquitous system to control all technologies of the house in anywhere. Thus, I wondered what is changed since then and how future technologies will be improved.

His topic is designing future hospitality guestrooms with advanced technologies. The goal of the project is to aim to improve users’ satisfaction and to make life easier and better by providing user control and preference. In order to achieve the goal, he asked three

Q1. How interior designs influence user satisfaction with technology?

Q2. What are some of the newly emergence and future technology being considered for implementation into guestroom’s environment?

Q3. How will interior designs impact the visible presence of these technologies to evoke a home away from home effect?

Design concept is to soften edge and humanize technology to make users feel warm in the room. He suggests the harmony between cutting edge technology and the components of nature. The guestroom is also flexible to change according to the needs of guests.

Since technology has changed and developed everyday, it is not easy to predict what kind of technology will emerge and be applied to the interior design in the future. However, the most obvious is that designers need to know the change which occurs in various fields, whatever it is, because it can provide inspiration for designers’ work.


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3 Responses to The hospitality guestroom environment of the future

  1. ShannonG says:

    I believe the interiors can influence or better yet improve user satisfaction with technology but customization of user settings.

    By the way, your sketches are very well represented! :)

  2. KatelynR says:

    Beautiful sketches!

  3. YoungjooP says:

    Thanks guys :) !